The choice of Michelin Star chefs, Amira speciality rice doesn’t just complement a well crafted meal, it completes it.

Amira Superior Aromatic rice with bowl and long grain rice

Superior Aromatic

A luxuriously extra-long rice grain that looks so beautiful you’ll be proud to serve it. Pure white perfection, extraordinarily elegant to the eye, our rice grains don’t stick - giving you a professional dish in under 15 minutes.

With grains significantly longer than Basmati and aged for 12 months, Amira Superior Aromatic is delicately fluffy and fragrant, with the right balance of natural bite and sweet softness in the mouth.

Amira Superior Aromatic rice and Pure Basmati rice

Range also includes Amira Indian Basmati and Amira Long Grain.

Pure Basmati

Nicely nutty in flavour yet sweetly fragrant and delicate, Amira Pure Basmati’s natural-white rice grains stay separate when cooked.

Most basmati rice consists of mixed grains; some pure; some not. But this is Amira 100% Pure basmati rice; grown where Indian basmati is exclusively grown, on the foothills of the sacred Himalayas, and aged, true to tradition, for 12 months.

100% flawless flavour. 100% beautiful.

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Available in Morrisons, Asda, Tesco and Waitrose

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